San Marco 04 - 1 Bedroom Apartment - 베니스

San Marco 04, 베니스, 이탈리아, 30124  지도 보기
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San Marco 04 - 1 Bedroom Apartment - 베니스


Apartment | 1 Bedrooms | 2 Bathrooms | Sleeps 4

1 Double bed, 2 Single beds, 1 Sofa bed double

This apartment is located on the 3rd floor (lift unavailable). The apartment is composed by a living room with a kitchenette and a double sofa bed, a loft with two single beds, a bedroom with a double bed, and two bathrooms with one shower. The apartment includes air conditioning 1 TV (TV only in Italian), a microwave, a dishwasher and an iron. The apartment size is about 60 square metres.

- 1 Double bed, 2 Single beds, 1 Sofa bed double.

- TV

- Refrigerator, Microwave, Washing Machine, Dryer, Dishwasher, Dishes/Cutlery.

- 1 Bathrooms with shower, 2 Toilets.

- 3 Floor, Iron, 60 Property sqm, central heating, Air conditioned in the whole house.

This apartment is just few hundred metres from Piazza S. Marco (Campo San Gallo), in the heart of the historic centre, with many shops and museums.Piazza San Marco is probably the best known spot in town, and it is so important amongst locals that it is said that everyone who lives in Venice passes beyond San Marco at least once a day. The wonderful square in front of the cathedral, full of children who feed the birds, souvenir sellers and cafés with live music (some of which are probably the most expensive coffee bars in Italy!), is definitely a must for those who visit marco Polo's town. As you walk around it, don't forget to have a look at the Palazzo Ducale (Duke's Palace) and its Ponte dei Sospiri (Bridge of Sighs), which joins the courtroom with the ancient jail. For those who are not scared of heights, we recommend climbing the tower, which overlooks the entire town and gives you the most spectacular sights in Venice. If you prefer not to get so high, you could go for a ride on a Gondola around the Channels! Ponte Rialto beautifully crosses the Canal Grande (Great Channel) in Venice, and people from all over the word walk over its ancient pavement on their way to San Marco, the greatest basilica in the city. As you join these people you will be able to admire the high street shops on both sides of the bridge (some of which have the best views of the Channel in Venice!) and enjoy a nice stroll across the day market, in which you may be tempted to buy some fresh fruit or some nice vegetables.

The apartment is close (5 min.) to the main boat lines (lines 1 and 2-San marco or Rialto stops) to easily reach the airport, train station. This is a lively area with many supermarkets, typical shops and restaurants.

For some apartments a security deposit is strictly required upon arrival. The amount varies by property and is noted in the property description and on the Voucher. This amount will be fully refunded upon check out, provided everything is in order. Generally the security deposit has to be paid on your arrival in cash (in Euro) together with the balance.

** Important **
To complete your booking, you MUST register at to complete your reservation and access your check-in instructions. Property ID: 9304

When signing in, use the Property ID above, your Check-in Date and your Last Name.


Apartment conditions: The apartment will be clean and ready to for your stay upon your arrival, and will be cleaned once your vacation is over.
You are expected to leave the flat in the same conditions in which you found it. No damage is to be done to the property, the furniture and all the things inside the apartment. If you find something broken/not working properly in your accommodation please report it to the owner of the apartment as soon as possible

Pets: Unless differently stated in the resort description, pets of any kind and size are not accepted.

Number of people: clients cannot bring a party, including children, that exceeds the number of people stated in the booking confirmation.

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아파트 San Marco 04 -  1 Bedroom Apartment - 베니스 베니스 위치
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아파트 주소:

San Marco 04, 베니스, 이탈리아, 30124

도시 센터
  • 베니스
    200 m
  • Marco Polo (VCE)
    8.1 km
  • S. Angelo (TSF)
    26.3 km
  • Venice Santa Lucia Train Station
    1.5 km
  • Hard Rock Cafe Venice (음식: 아메리카)
    40 m
  • Bistrot de Venise
    110 m
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San Marco 04 - 1 Bedroom Apartment 지역

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  • Carnevale di Venezia100 m
  • 산 마르코 대성당100 m
  • 사육제100 m
  • Campanile di San Marco100 m

인기 지역

  • 도심부100 m


  • 산 마르코 종탑100 m
  • Negozio Olivetti100 m
  • markusdom100 m
  • l´orologio100 m
  • Monumento a Daniele Manin100 m
  • palais des doges100 m
  • Pont des soupirs100 m
  • Tour de l'horloge100 m
  • L’Eglise des Frari (Campo San Rocco)100 m
  • 베네치아100 m
  • Albatravel Group100 m
  • 산 마르코 대성당100 m
  • quartier juif100 m
  • la basilique saint marc100 m
  • Palazzo Contarini Del Bovolo200 m

컨벤션 센터

  • Wenecja100 m

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  • 프로쿠라티에 베키에100 m
  • 산 마르코 광장100 m


  • Bell Tower of San Marco100 m
  • Musée Correr100 m
  • Scuola Grande di San Rocco100 m

지역 명소

  • La Giudecca1.5 km
  • Ponte de Chiodo1.7 km
  • Dali Universe1.8 km
    Fondamenta della Canonica 4312, Venice
  • Casa dei Tre Oci1.6 km
    Giudecca, Venice
  • Santa Maria dei Miracoli1.7 km
    Campo Santa Maria dei Miracoli, Venice

아파트 근처

  • 산 마크코 대성당 220 m
    San Marco 328, Venice
  • 그랜드 캐널460 m
    Ponte della Guerra, Venice
  • Negozio Olivetti70 m
    Piazza San Marco 101, Venice
  • Torre dell'Orologio150 m
    Piazza San Marco, Venice
  • Campanile di San Marco90 m
    San Marco 328, Venice
  • Museo Correr60 m
    Piazza San Marco 52, Venice
  • Libreria Sansoviniana70 m
    Piazza San Marco, Part of Museo Correr, Venice

근처 식당

  • Hard Rock Cafe Venice40 m

    주소: Bacino Orseolo
    전화: +39 041 52 29 665

    635 리뷰에 따르면, 61%가 이곳을 좋아합니다.
    음식: 아메리카

  • Caffe Florian160 m

    주소: Piazza San Marco 56-59
    전화: 39 041 5205641

    991 리뷰에 따르면, 76%가 이곳을 좋아합니다.
    음식: 이탈리아

  • Gelato Fantasy40 m

    주소: S. Marco, 929
    전화: 041 5225993

    165 리뷰에 따르면, 83%가 이곳을 좋아합니다.

  • Bistrot de Venise110 m

    주소: Calle dei Fabbri, 4685
    전화: +39 041 5236651

    956 리뷰에 따르면, 82%가 이곳을 좋아합니다.
    가격대: KRW 80 874 - KRW 144 262

  • Sangal Venice Restaurant30 m

    주소: San Marco 1089
    전화: 0413194682

    191 리뷰에 따르면, 85%가 이곳을 좋아합니다.
    음식: 이탈리아, 인터내셔널
    가격대: KRW 44 808 - KRW 177 049

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근처 도시
  • 베니스-리도 호텔 - 3 km
  • 마르게라 호텔 - 9 km
  • 캄팔토 호텔 - 7 km
  • 무라노 호텔 - 3 km
  • 테세라 호텔 - 8 km
  • VENICE PROVINCE 호텔 - 2 km
  • Malcontenta 호텔 - 9 km
  • 메스트레 호텔 - 10 km
  • 카발리노 호텔 - 10 km
  • Noghera 호텔 - 10 km

San Marco 04 - 1 Bedroom Apartment 리뷰

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아파트 San Marco 04 -  1 Bedroom Apartment - 베니스 베니스 위치
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아파트 주소:

San Marco 04, 베니스, 이탈리아, 30124

도시 센터
  • 베니스
    200 m
  • Marco Polo (VCE)
    8.1 km
  • S. Angelo (TSF)
    26.3 km
  • Venice Santa Lucia Train Station
    1.5 km
  • Hard Rock Cafe Venice (음식: 아메리카)
    40 m
  • Bistrot de Venise
    110 m
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